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Подмигивание Indjija DERBY 2010 , Serbia - specialized show of bull-type terriers

Возможно кому-то будет интересно....
Даю информацию в оригинале.

Serbia, Indjija DERBY 2010

Terrier Club "Indjija" informs and invites all fans, owners and breeders of terriers to join us at our first specialized show of bull-type terriers.
The show will be held at the sports terrain of the Cultural Center in Indjija, on 19 September 2010, beginning at 10:00 am.

A seminar on the three breeds will also be held and the dogs born in 2009 will have a chance to compete for the prestigious title of "DERBY INDJIJA 2010"
A quality time is guaranteed and all visitors and participants will be enjoying the show of top dogs, expert judges and the atmosphere, and the winners will be awarded prizes.

Danny Gilmour (GB)
Club Winner - BT, Mini BT, SBT
Werner Constantz (D)
Club Winner - AST

The Seminar:
The seminar will be held on the eve of the show, i.e. on 18 September 2010 at 7.00 pm. It will be hosted by two knowned experts: Mr. Danny Gilmoure (GB) and Mr. Werner Constantz (D). The topics include: history, selection of mating pairs, breeding, competing, standards dog evaluation, etc.
We recommend everyone who are engaged in dog breeding (breeding, competing, judging...) to attend this extraordinary event where they will recive valuable information in this field.
After the seminar, a gathering of participants with dinner will be organized. Be sure to announce reservations, since the number of seats is limited.

The Derby is the title for which a dog can compete only once in its life. Only the dogs that were born in the previous year (in this case 2009) are entitled to participate. Any dog born in 2009, regardless of the FCI class, can participate in the competition for the Derby winner. The Derby will be held immediately after the completion of the terrier show. The judge evaluating the AST will also be evaluating BT and SBT, and the judge who is evaluating the BT and SBT will also be evaluating AST, and together they will determine the winners of the Derby, for each race and sex. The swapping of the judges will allow the possibility of a different layout from that of the first phase of the competition. Each Derby participant will receive two evaluation forms from two expert judges in a single day.

More information about the show can be found at www.terijer-klub.com


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